The Realistic Eating Approach for Life Program

The REAL Program is an innovative approach to improving health through weight loss and long-term weight maintenance.  Developed by our psychologist Dr. Danielle Clauss, the REAL Program helps you transform your relationship with food and physical activity to improve your health while living your best life.

The REAL Program:

  • Is a scientific-based approach that uses the most recognized behavioral change skills for optimum success
  • Helps you lose at least 10% of your body weight, which research shows improves weight-related health conditions
  • Takes a balanced approach to making sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Teaches practical strategies to overcome your unique weight management challenges
  • Is a stand alone comprehensive weight management program that can be integrated into other medical weight management approaches

The REAL Program Commitment:

  • Twenty 90-minute classes over 6 months
  • Program fee of $62 a week for a total of $1600
  • Fee includes 20 group classes led by Behavioral Health experts, program materials and individualized food record feedback

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