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Therapy for Addiction

Alcohol, drug addiction and substance abuse are common in our society.  The stigma, there are many paths to successful recovery. Addictions can start with use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs to "relax" or socialize. For some people that progresses to increasingly frequent use. As time passes, a person may find their use becomes a regular part of their  life, and, can become the main way that they manage feelings and situation, and starts negatively impacting their health, relationships, and general well-being.

Signs of Addiction Can Include:

  • Feeling the need to use the drug regularly in order to cope
  • Over time, needing more of the drug to get the same effect
  • Not meeting home, school and work obligations and responsibilities
  • Doing things you wouldn’t normally do, such as hiding and lying about the addiction 
  • Focusing more and more time and energy on the addiction
  • Failed attempts to stop the addiction

Therapy can help identify the ways in which the addiction has affected your life and functioning. Our therapists will help you build realistic expectations and goals, as well as support you on your journey for change.